Cajaislant® with the Mediterranean facade 2020

Adaptation of a facade to our climate is crucial for optimal balance of comfort, safety and energy savings for our buildings. Just as food is different between northern and southern Europe, it must also be the way we build and isolate the edficios in Mediterranean climates. Many companies already work in our country to make the transition to new sustainability criteria in almost zero consumption buildings (EECN) And for the recovery of our needs updated 2020 Mediterranean facade, and Cajaislant® is one of them.

Home Mediterranean facade

To meet this challenge and many others, Cajaislant® will be present on 10 March in the V Day Facade Mediterranean BioEconomic® 2020, An event that aims to share knowledge about the benefits of insulation and solar control protection in both new construction and rehabilitation. Together with other industry-leading companies, we will present our product range and to contribute our expertise in thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance certificates, practical solutions and new technologies.

In Cajaislant® We work under the standard Passive House and we are committed to sustainability, energy efficiency and thermal comfort of our customers.

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