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Cajaislant® CAB22x20

20 years of experience in Spain with thousands of works throughout the territory make us experts for your needs

We have the solution to your project with details studied and the best quality on the market, under high insulation standards with new materials such as Neopor and with our line of drawers as.

Cajaislant® thermal detail

drawers Cajaislant® certificates have thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.

THERMAL ISOLATION: Formed by a helmet of high density expanded polystyrene 40 kg / m3 with a thermal transmittance U = 0,035 W/m2*K.

ACOUSTIC ISOLATION: The drawer has a high sound insulation.

ADAPTABLE: It allows use motor blind with pasacinta DiHa or lathe. It can be used in facade with plaster, brick, SATE or ventilated.

MANHOLE COVERS: We have manholes in 4 colors RAL (7016, 7022, 7042 and 9010) Being positionable shutter facade or flush to the aluminum, plus trim to hide the grid support coating.

BLIND GUIDES: In the case of the blind have flush to woodworking, or arrangement AWe propose the use of recordable blind guides Cajaislant® to access the shaft and the shutter from inside the house.

cajaislant accessories


Supply and installation of prefabricated roller shutter box thermo-acoustic model Cajaislant® CAB22x20 of 220x200mm, hull composed of high density expanded polystyrene (40Kg/m3) And reinforced with galvanized steel rods. It includes end walls, supports, bodkins DiHa, Support tube octagonal blind with all the accessories, caps lower register in PVC color RAL to choose and optional element of special support for the implementation finishing work front view of the box with clip to hide aluminum rail.

If you need the detail of Cajaislant® for your project, you can download the file DWG in DOWNLOADS.

For a project fully adapted to your needs, you can combine it with the pasacintas DiHA-O and the Sirion engines.
Cajaislant® offers 30 year warranty Cajaislant® with our accessories. We endorse our experience in Spain since 1997. We have certified thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. In addition, you can see what think our system other technicians.

Call us at 902 447 799 o envíe un e-mail a info@cajaislant.com if you need more information about Cajaislant® or customized estimate.

If you place an order, you can call and indicate the number of blind boxes you need, in the light of the gap to cover in each case, the type of facade (whether it is a façade with exposed brick or coated monolayer type) if the blind will tape or engine and if you want to include the axle boxes, caps and engines. Any other details can comentárnoslo.


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